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Escrow Services

Escrow Services

Sunwest Escrow, Inc. is a customer-oriented servicer of private mortgages, real estate contracts, and other installment type notes. Sunwest Escrow, Inc. was formed by the owners of Sunwest Escrow, LC in order to provide a wider range of financial products. As Sunwest Escrow, Inc. we not only provide the same great escrow service our customers have come to depend on, but also we can act as a custodian for self-directed retirement plans such as IRAs, SEPs and Simples. For more information about escrow services refer to the links on the left-hand side of the page and visit here for self directed IRA services.

What is escrow?
Defined simply, an escrow is a deposit of funds, deeds, or other instrument(s) by one party for the delivery to another party upon completion of a particular condition or event. In some cases, escrow is short-term, such as the deposit of earnest money pending the closing of a real estate sale. In other cases, escrow is long-term, where an instrument—such as a deed—is held for an extended period while installment payments are made against the purchase of an asset. The escrow is not closed and documents released until all conditions of the escrow agreement are met.

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